What is Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance is an insurance policy created to suit the insurance needs of business men and women when they travel abroad for business matters. It is available to those who travel frequently and even to those who make one or two business trips a year.

Apart from providing insurance cover for the traveler, it also caters to personal belongings like baggage, important documents, digital equipment that is used by most business people for storing data and other vital information. This includes laptops and other personal digital assistants like mobile phones. Because all travel has its risks, the business traveler needs to ensure his safety and that of his business equipment and other personal belongings.

Most policies include:

Inclusive business travel insurance cover Emergency medical assistance cover, Personal accident cover and Cancellation cover.

The cost, value and content of the cover vary from company to company. It is therefore important to have a clear understanding of what is being offered so as to choose the best service provider to suit your needs. Different companies offer the business travel insurance policy at different rates. You are therefore able to choose the policy that best fits your financial state.

The business travel insurance policy provides single trip cover or multi-trip/annual insurance cover which has no limitation on the number of times you can travel. It also caters for any medical expenses which may be incurred during the course of the travel. Different companies craft their policies differently. Some offer cover on an individual basis. There are others which provide both individual and group policies.

Some of the companies that offer the business travel insurance are:

AA Travel Insurance which offers single trip and annual insurance, Columbus Direct which offers annual travel business insurance for frequent travelers, and USA AFFINITY Travel Insurance Services which offers business travel insurance in accordance to the specific needs of each individual or company.

The company you choose to provide your travel insurance depends on your geographic location, your particular needs and also on your finances.

Business travel insurance is very important for the business traveler. International security is never a guarantee and anything can happen. Accidents might happen, valuable equipment might be lost or stolen, and sometimes individuals might fall sick. The insurance policy ensures that if any misfortune or unplanned event occurs, you will be well taken care of and compensated for any losses.