What is Domaining

Domaining, also known as Domain Investing, is the process of generating revenue from Domain Names. The domain industry began with early investors seeing strong potential in domains long before the general public had become comfortable with the Internet. Soon, some of the initial investors started to see traffic on their names, they didn’t have to do anything besides just buy the domain name – the traffic came to them.

This kind of traffic is known as type-in traffic and comes from people typing the keywords of a domain directly into the URL field in a web browse. Type-in traffic was the strongest in the early 2000’s before Google became the undisputed king of search. Now with more and more people visiting Google or Bing when they are looking for something online this type-in traffic has begun to decline.

Initially Domainers focused on buying names with type-in traffic and then monetizing them by Parking their domains. Parking is the process of easily and instantly getting a page of links on your domain. When someone visits your domain and clicks on a link you get paid. If your name gets thousands of visitors every month this can really start to add up.

Domain flipping is a technique that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The idea of domain flipping is to take a domain name and either re-sell it for a quick profit or develop it for ongoing income. Either way the idea behind flipping is to quickly convert your domain to money, or a stream of money.

As search engines now control the traffic on the Internet more and more Domainers are focusing on developing their domain names and ranking well in search engines. Having an exact-match domain name for a keyword phrase you are trying to rank well for is a great way to improve your search engine rankings.

If you want to get started with Domaining you might think that all the good names are already taken. You’d be surprised to know that an incredible amount of domains are expiring everyday and you can bid on and purchase them yourself. This could allow you to buy a piece of online property that was bought back in 2002 or 2003 that already has some existing traffic. A domain like this could help you get indexed in search engines and generating more traffic much quicker than a newly registered domain.