What is Financial Freedom

Financial freedom. If you are a television watcher, then you probably have seen numerous infomercials about having financial freedom. If you have attended any business seminars then you probably have heard this term. The latest wave of the new Christian preaching known as the “prosperity gospel” uses this term with references to tithing and giving a “seed” into their ministry or by giving it to a certain minister.

With all of talk of “financial freedom” many people are wondering what it is and can they really achieve it, especially with the American economy in the state that it is currently in. Well, before answering the question is financial freedom achievable, let’s first define what financial freedom really is. Financial freedom is not being rich. Financial freedom is having enough money to do what you want and need to do without worries such as where am I going to get it or how much debt will I have to go into to if I borrow it. Financial freedom means you can pay your bills, take a vacation, send your children to college, buy the things you want and need without any problems.

You simply have abundance. With this being said, how then are you to achieve it? Here are the best ways to achieve true financial freedom. First, you have to believe that you can achieve it. If you think that you will always be poor, then you always will be. The way you think determines your behavior. Thinking poor will result in being poor. Second, you must know what you are gifted and talented to do. God gave everyone of us a certain talents, gifts, and skills that make us unique.

These gifts, talents, and skills will propel us into either doing our own thing such as owning a business or someone paying us well for what we do. Third, we must invest our money wisely. Bad investing or investing in foolish things will result in loss. Fourth, you must not go into debt and if you are in debt, then do everything you can to get out. Debt is a cancer and it will keep you in financial bondage. Learn to pay cash for everything and do not use credit cards unless absolutely necessary. And lastly, save money and let it grow for you. Stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposits are some great ways to make your money grow for you.