What is Frugalism and how does it Work

A frugalist knows the difference between needs and wants, and how to acquire those needs at very affordable prices.  Food, clothing, and shelter are basic needs, and a frugal person knows how to get these things without paying a fortune. A frugal person really thinks about their money before they spend it.

Food: A frugal person does not go grocery shopping without coupons. Frugal people are careful, and keep track of each dollar spent. They normally spend on quality foods. They usually stay away from convenient foods that create a lot of waste and are of little substance. A frugal shopper is a smart shopper. A frugal person is mindful of time as well as money. Sometimes buying some things of convenience is worth the money because of the time you may save and you can do more lucrative things with the time saved. 

Clothing: A frugal person avoids paying retail. They search for clothing items that are on clearance and sale. A frugalist will shop at thrift stores and yard sales to search for the great deals. The mentality of a frugal person encourages them to buy wardrobe staples that are of high quality and will last. Frugal does not mean cheap or stingy.  Being Frugal means spending your money wisely. Buying a cheap item of poor quality can end up costing you more money because cheap items fall apart and has to be replaced. A good quality warm winter coat can last many years. A frugal person knows quality and value of clothing and fabrics. 

Shelter: A frugal person knows how to negotiate and acquire the best deals for their home. They may share a home to save money or maybe barter with services to acquire more affordable housing. A frugal person with knowledge of real estate and housing maintenance may search for the best housing deals and purchase a home at a great price. A frugal person takes the time to research and make the best decisions. 

The struggling economy has inspired many people to search for a more frugal lifestyle. A frugal person is aware of how much they consume and look for ways to reduce the amount they consume. A simpler life with less “things” to clutter your space can lead to a more peaceful existence. The need to constantly be on the go and stressing out about work and bills is hard on the body and mind. A frugal way of life is a popular lifestyle that many now seek.