What is Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Kidnap insurance is Necessary for Safe World Traveling

Life is precious and someone shouldn’t risk their life under any circumstances. That being said, there might be an occasion in an individual’s life where they are put at risk. I’m referring to the risk of kidnapping by visiting a “high risk” country. Kidnapping happens. When travelling into so called “hot zones”, the risk is inherent and could result in you being forced into a bad situation with some dire consequences. Did you know that products exist to offer some monetary protection in the event of a kidnap and ransom situation called kidnap insurance? If you are traveling and remotely suspect something like this could happen, you should be aware of the risks and never forget the significance of kidnap insurance, a niche type of insurance which can surely assist an individual to getting themselves protected in the event of a kidnapping or extortion type of transaction. The world is getting worse and there are various countries where you might be at higher level of risk so you really need to get yourself protected or you’ll be left saying “I wish I had…” instead of “I’m glad I had…”

 If you are not too sure that how you go about getting the protection, no need to worry. There are not many insurance companies that carry this type of line but they exist and are easily accessible for any world traveler. Just Google the term which should bring up some options a very comprehensive kidnap insurance which will provide some real benefits in for both security and extortion payouts depending on the level of coverage you opt for. The bottom line is that you can’t risk yourself or even your family wherever you go. However, there are many parts of the world where you might be at greater risk. If you have no choice but to travel, there are steps you can personally take to diminish the risk (like traveling in groups, in daylight, etc.) but there is nothing you can do to change the landscape of the area. This type of insurance offers protection when you need it most. If you are traveling out of your country and you are aware of the risks, then don’t take a risk by not purchasing this product. Even if you are travelling to a safe country like France, Italy, or Spain, kidnappings can still happen! As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Don’t think of acquiring this line of insurance something negative, it’s actually something very positive because you are bring proactive and covering yourself for a what if type of situation. There are many countries in the world which are considered to be very dangerous indeed and they are regarded as highly unsafe. Latin America, Africa and Middle East countries are among those considered higher risk. Look at all of the recent news about Somali pirates capturing entire ships with just a few guns and small boats. Considering that, would you feel safe walking down the streets there? In some of these areas, kidnappings are routine occurrences and you will be at greater risk while in these regions. If you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need to look for kidnap insurance.

 There are various benefits of having an abduction insurance policy have your back. The most obvious benefit is the monetary coverage. Any provider will pay your extortion fee to ensure your safe release from the custody of any wrongdoers. If you are comparing policy to policy, you should never go for abduction insurance which have long terms and will restrict coverage for hours or days until proof of the kidnapping can be recorded. You should also look at the initiation times with these policies. You don’t want a policy that will take 6 months to activate if you are travelling next week. Sometimes though, the policies are cheaper if they are acquired with a long term commitment so you may want to think of having a long term abduction insurance policy which might be used in the long term for travelers who are frequently visiting foreign countries, like business travelers, liaisons, and concierges who are traveling on behalf of their employers to conduct business. These candidates should consider a long term and not a per diem type of abduction insurance policy provider to get protection.  

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