What is Short Term Medical Insurance and what are the Benefits

If money is an issue, you are in-between jobs, a seasonal worker, waiting for current job benefits to start, a newly graduated person, or a student traveling abroad, then short-term medical insurance is right for you. In the economic times we live in, money is often the unfortunate reason that many people opt to have no insurance at all. Taking risks with their health and the health of others that may be on their insurance plans. If this is the case then short term medical insurance is a viable option to take.

Short-term medical insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is for people who do not have permanent or long term health care at their disposal. It is a type of insurance that takes less than a day to get, has many different coverage options, and is low cost.

The best part is that you can keep your existing doctors. With short-term medical insurance you can stay with your family doctor, or whatever doctors you currently have. That alone can diminish stress, and encourage people to opt for the short-term medical insurance option when put in the awkward position of no insurance at all.

Accidents happen, hence the name accident. Going through life thinking that nothing will happen in the few months you are uninsured is just plain unwise. The same goes for illnesses and other random things that people never think of. Students going off to college, people taking a vacation and getting sick, people who are out of work.

Lack of insurance does not just affect you; it also affects those who were depending on you financially or for insurance reasons. For example, wives, husbands, and most importantly children. Insurance in today’s’ world is a necessity, not a luxury, yet so many people still don’t get it. Then when something does happen the cost is in the tens of thousands of dollars, and that is being modest. People lose homes, families, everything because they simply thought insurance was an unncessary expense. Rising costs, confusing paperwork, it is understandable to a degree.

However with short-term medical coverage you benefit in many ways, you can solve several problems at once. You can still live with the knowledge that you and your family are covered in case of emergency. Secondly it can give you time to do what you need in order to find a job. Thirdly it gives you time to try and find a more long term solution to your insurance situation.

If you can’t get permanent insurance, short-term medical insurance is the way to go. As mentioned the benefits are numerous, far outweighing the costs. For a few dollars a day you can have peace of mind for you and your family that in case of emergency you are covered. It’s better to be prepared than to go through life thinking that nothing is going to happen to you.