What is Wind Insurance

I’ve never heard of only “wind” insurance, under most circumstances this is is actually called wind & hail coverage.

Until 2006 in Louisiana, wind and hail coverage was included in a homeowner or renters policy. However, after hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the state, many insurance companies dropped the wind/hail coverage on their policies and people were forced to buy wind/hail only through a state mandated program. Some companies implemented a special “hurricane”, “named storm” and/or “wind & hail” deductible, thereby reducing their exposure or amount of claim money they pay out.

Many people mistakenly believe that if a hurricane is the main source of wind, that the losses they sustain would be covered even if they do not have wind coverage because it is a Natural Disaster or Catastrophic Loss. They believe this about flood coverage too.

In both instances they are wrong.

Wind insurance will pay your claim if the damage sustained is due directly or indirectly to wind or a wind related incident including but not limited to tropical storm, tornado, hurricane, a large gust of wind, or your run-of-the-mill thunderstorm which is accompanied by wind.

Although this article is an overview of wind insurance, it may be simpler to determine what is NOT considered a wind loss….

1). Lightning strikes a tree and it falls on your house – not wind. However if a thunderstorm passes through your area and wind uproots a tree and it falls on your house it is a wind loss.

2). Hurricane winds stir up and push water for days and your house floods – this is not a wind loss but a flood loss, so make sure you are adequately protected against flood waters.

3). Lightning strikes your house and causes a fire – not a wind loss regardless of the howling atmosphere around you.

Now lets look at one instance in which someone would mistakenly believe they are protected even if their policy does not cover wind…You have a “natural disaster” rider but no wind coverage and a hurricane hits the area west of you. A tornado spun from the storm demolishes your house. Sorry folks, this is a wind loss. At it’s basic level a hurricane is wind whipped into a fury. So is a tornado.

Wind coverage is vitally important so make sure you read and understand what your policy pays or does not pay and buy additional coverage to fill in the gaps.