What it Means to be a Plaintiff

What it means to be a plaintiff the following case is a story of my brother. He is the defence in this case he may or may not have done something wrong. But a few other people decided that he was wrong and so he ends up in court defended against the plaintiff’s case of how they feel he should have to pay for what he did.here is the story. My brother did something foolish a few days ago. He is over 18, he
served overseas and is a recent vet. With all the money he saved he bought a car he paid
the taxes on it

Then he went to live with our mom in hopes to find a better job with no success
he comes back and continues to drive his car. He has no current insurance he was
driving on a permit with no one else in the car which by law he has to have someone older
then 21 with a valid license.I asked him where he was going he said he was going to get a
drivers book to study again for the test I believe him he said he needed one days before
the wreck. When he got into the car wreck with another person he made
sure they were ok. Then he left the
scene of the accident. The cop came to his house and
gave him 3 tickets 1 for driving with out a license the 2nd for failing to provide proof of insurance the 3rd for leaving the scene of the accident
it is unclear how it happened but the person is saying that my
brother over turned while
making a right turn then his car struck the front left side of the other person’s

I saw the damage done to both cars my brothers whole car front end is smashed untill you get to the hood.
The other car has a paper plate size dent in it and a few scatches nothing you can’t pop
out and paint over. On top of that i am not completely sure that maby the other driver
did not cross into the lane my brother’s lane and stike
my brothers car it has been raining non stop and the roads have not been dry for the last
few days. even during the accident . I am not asking you to be Johny Cockren but I am asking you to provide a
great defence in favor of my brother. And his stupid choices all of these ticket’s were
at one time and he had a spotless record before this they were all ruled by the cop that
gave them as misdemeanors.The cop also said they could sue my brother because he did not have current insurance.
Please give good info in favor of my
brother feel free to add info to any of this matter or you know more about this case or want to help feel free to email me at [email protected]