What new Drivers need to know about Automobile Insurance

With the current economic trouble it is important to save money wherever you can.  One thing young drivers need to know about this is that they will be paying more for their insurance.  Young people may work hard for their money s it is important that they learn some ways to get their automobile insurance rates as low as they possibly can. 

♦  How are Automobile rates calculated?

The first thing a young driver needs to know is the ways that rates are calculated for car insurance.  Driving history is of primary importance.  With no “good” driving history rate will be high.  But they will get even higher with accidents and tickets.  Younger people also have higher base rates.  This is due to the fact that statistically they are much more likely to get into accidents during this time.  Insurance companies live and die by the law of averages.   They have vast collections of data on all sorts of things that are applicable to driving safety.  At the age of 25 drivers begin to see greatly reduced rates do the statistical effects of age on driving safety.

♦  Other things that affect rates.

Statistically young men are much more likely than women to get  into accidents.  If an young man and woman marry they can see a total reduction in car insurance also, despite age.  Married couples have been proven statistically to be safer drivers.

The actual car driven is also a huge factor in the insurance payments.  This is because young people with fast cars with big engines have a much greater chance statistically of getting into car accidents.

♦  When looking for car insurance:  comparison shop

It is important to remember, if you are looking for car insurance, to look around.  Getting car insurance quotes online is one of the best way to go about doing this.  Since all insurance companies base their prices off statistical data and actuarial tables, all the companies’ data may not be exactly the same. 

A few insurance companies may tend to view younger drivers more sympathetically.  If they do the prices may subsequently be lower.  The important thing is to compare the prices to find what works best for you. 

If you are a young driver, looking for car insurance, always look at the simplest and easiest place to find it, online car insurance quotes.