What not to do when Pulled over for Drunk Driving

Most judges in the various states are elected and therefore, politics becomes the issue for many of them. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) lobbyist have influenced the decision of many judges. Notwithstanding that if you are pulled over after having a few drinks be cooperative. Make sure that the in-car video and the officer’s microphone are on. When they pull you over and ask if you know why they pulled you over tell them you have no idea and ask them why. They have to have probable cause to pull you over and not just a mere feeling you might be drunk. Unless they articulate a legitimate reason this could be a technicality that could have your case dismissed. When they ask to do field sobriety tests ask them if they have the in-car camera on and the microphone. The camera and microphone could be used as evidence that you passed all the tests or that you are drunk but if you only had a few and are over the now .08 limit which is the normal limit in all states you can probably pass most of the tests. After they finish with each field sobriety test ask if you passed. If they say no ask what you did wrong. If the microphone and video are both on there will be a record. If they say you passed or did good on each test and then ask for a breath test on the scene refuse it they don’t have probable cause to go to that stage and they should let you go maybe with a ticket for speeding or whatever they pulled you over for. They can arrest you for refusing a preliminary breath test only if they have probable cause, if you passed all the field sobriety tests and you voluntarily take it they can arrest you if you are over the limit. Never resist an arrest even if you believe it is illegal because that could turn a minor incident into a felony in some states. Never admit to having a drink and always have your insurance registration and drivers license ready as soon as they get to your window. Say as little as possible and always chew gum to hide the smell of alcohol from the officer. If you are arrested do not admit anything to the police and do not refuse the data-master breath test at the police station because they will get a warrant and take blood from you. Most of the time a first time offense will mean a year of probation and some type of license sanction but after the first offense for drunk driving the penalties become much stiffer. The best thing to do of course is always have a designated driver or call a taxi, or a friend or family member to pick you up.