What the World would be like without Laws

There is a game that a group once played called “The No Rules Game.” One could play the game any way one wanted. Of course, all sat with dumbfounded looks on their faces. “Well, how do we play the game then?” There was one answer, “Any way you want.” Without guidelines to go by, also known as rules or “laws,” there was no game. Wouldn’t that be the same in life?

Thinking back to early development, one of the first things a child learns is not to touch a hot stove. Most children have to learn by touching the stove to discover for themselves that they will get burned. “No,” becomes a common one-word command that let’s them know what they are about to do is not acceptable. Now, if society, as we know it right now, was to allow each person do do anything they wanted, what would the world look like? Certainly with the child-example, each youngster’s education would be in the form of trial and error.

Motorized Vehicles

Automobiles, motorcycles, boats, airplanes and even space ships would operate every which way. There probably would be no roads, since many would take the most direct route and cut across whatever their vehicle could handle. Traveling at the fastest speed possible, travelers may arrive more quickly if they made it there at all without an accident. Roads, waterways and air would become a free-for-all.


The choice would be up to the individual as to whether or not school was necessary. Without laws, a child could make his or her own decision, which would most likely be to not attend school. 


Employers could have employees work any hours they desired and wouldn’t have to give them days off or paid vacation time. Work could be performed according to the wishes of the owner or employer without safety regulations, pay restrictions, benefits or the like.


Stores could be open whenever operators chose to do so. Items would be sold at uncontrolled prices or qualities. John Q. Public would not have anybody watching out for their health and safety with regard to products.

In short, wouldn’t the world be a place of total chaos? Laws provide not only order but a sense of guidance, purpose and efficiency. Even if the world was to change tomorrow to a lawless society, in all likelihood people would create laws so all could live in relative peace and harmony. People would seek conformity to feel safe and comfortable. They would need security in knowing their boundaries – as well as the boundaries of others. 

One has only to look at the animals to see that even they have their own routines, hierarchy and way to feed and care for each other. They instinctively know there is an order to the animal kingdom, whom to avoid and whom to trust. People would resort to that same instinctive ability to survive.