What to Buy after Christmas

After Christmas sales are a good way to save money or just get out of the house and away from your relatives. Historically, the markdowns at these sales have been some of the lowest prices offered by retailers throughout the year. A combination of the facts that few people are interested in shopping after buying Christmas presents and that retailers need to make room for spring merchandise means consumers are better able to find and budget for items at great prices in nearly every store.  

Many stores now realize consumers expect everything to be on sale, and many of them are not offering the steep discounts they used to offer. Nonetheless, this can be a good time to find some things offered at a good price. Look for these items to be on sale after Christmas.

Large Christmas decorations

While many people assume that everything related to the holidays will be on sale after Christmas, many retailers simply load a few boxes of these items onto the shipping trucks leaving the store. Large items however, are very expensive to ship and to store. Fake Christmas trees, large wreathes, and even breakable ornaments tend to be marked down significantly. Be aware, though, that not every Christmas item is at its lowest price of the season. Many retailers know that consumers are expecting big discounts on items such as wrapping paper, and they actually mark-up prices on these small, easily storable items.


Grocery stores that stock up on turkeys, hams, and stuffing mix have to get rid of leftovers before they expire. At the same time, most consumers have fridges and freezers stuffed full of holiday leftovers so very few people have room for more food. Finally, many people have stepped on a scale and made a new year’s resolution to cut back on junk food. All of these factors lead to grocery stores deeply discounting items such as meat, seafood, candy and delicacies. Just make sure you and your family can eat or freeze everything you buy before it expires.


With spring approaching, many department stores know they have to make room for spring fashions. This means that coats and other winter apparel will be drastically discounted. While the best deals will be found on adult clothes, this can be a good time to look for children’s clothing for the next year. Stick to wardrobe basics that last for several years if you decide to buy.


The two weeks after Christmas are one of the busiest times for repossessions.  Combined with the facts that sales are usually slowest in November and December and that next year’s models are becoming available, this means that many dealers will be willing to accept lower prices for their vehicles. Be prepared to negotiate if you need a new vehicle.