What to do about Millions of Uninsured Americans

America!, America!…,there are so many great things to say about us, but unfortunately not when it comes to: “Insuring the Health of America’s Citizens”. Our Legistrators, and Elected Officials should be leading us in Local and Nation-Wide surges of assistance to the millions who have, “No Insurance”.

We can send a man to the Moon and beyond, and send Probes into the Black Holes of Space, but we haven’t figured out how to economically cover the expenses of the Citizens of this great Country. We have Space Projects that have costed in the excess of 70(Seventy) Billion Dollars, and the government has no problem with sending our tax dollars to unknown areas of Outer Space, but we can’t find the funds to send to “Uninsured Americans”.

I just don’t get it?, or maybe I’m not on the same page as those in authority, but this is something that must be fixed. What to do about millions of Uninsured Americans?,(it should keep us up at night pacing the floors). Yet we can sleep peacefully because: for some of us we have insurance, and a job. Don’t we know in these uncertain times we all can experience the lost of wages, and the lost of insurance?.

For most this lost can be a critical time, to not have coverage for yourself and for your love ones. We can sit in our comfort zones, and safe environments, but what if things changed?, what if we are suddenly thrusted into the pool of unemployment with only a meager weekly check from the unemployment benefits we pay into?. Do we have a lot of monies saved to off-set this trying period?; or maybe haven’t worked in some time and have run out of benefits, and savings?

Will our efforts alone take care of us?, certainly not!, and certain there is no coverage for our health, (for medicine, doctor visits, or hospital stays). What a position for millions of Americans to be in for one reason or another.

Do we really care about these Millions?, are we prepared as a Nation to make the necessary changes to get this finally fixed? We have heard the talk, and more talk from every level of government, and private sectors, but now is the time for action, now is the time for all of us to step up, and then out of our conveniences, and be inconvenienced for our next door neighbors, and for Americans we will never know, but know in our hearts we have done the “Right Thing”.

Is there a solution for the Millions of Uninsured, I say, YES!, and the shame of it is : “many know we have the answers but won’t formulate a plan and sacrifice to acheive this goal”.

Just like we have a charge on our wages for unemployment benefits, we can add this to that out-lay from the:(American Pay Check). Taking pennies on the dollar from every worker to pay for the Uninsured in our Communities.

So when we are out of work the benefits would kick in, just like the (pay out of) money for living expenses do. Recipients would receive coverage for the periods of unemployment, and when they return to work they will be guaranteed a roll-over to a Company that must insure them and their families. Secondly we can ask Americans to voluntarily give a portion of their Income Tax Returns to the Uninsured. We can also assess a tax on State Lotteries to go also to this group.

Yes, finally by checking the box on our returns we can help end this problem. With a $1-$25 contribution to our fellow citizens we can make a difference. We give millions of dollars away to foreigners every year, even to countries who hate us, so why not to people who live here and who have given to our cause to live and remain free.

Shame on us and shame on our Leaders to allow this condition to go on and on. We can literally take these Uninsured into our bosoms and carry them so they may have medicines and a doctor. Even insuring that they have hospital benefits through our contribution.