What to do about your Health Insurance when you get Laid off

If you are a self employed individual, a business owner, or someone who doesn’t receive health benefits as part of group coverage at work, you probably know that buying insurance on the open market is a very expensive proposition. Usually self employed individuals have to accept reduced coverage or accept very high premiums to get themselves and their family health insurance. Now there’s a new health insurance option provided by out all places, Sam’s Club, which is affordable way to get health insurance for a lot less money than if you just went out and shopped out prices.

Sam’s club is now launching its own health program in just about all of the 50 states. Their health plans are a fraction of what you’d be able to get on the open market, even cheaper than Costco’s health program. The reason Sam’s Club is offering such a deep discount, is because they want you to sign up for their “Plus” membership. Even after you pay for the premium membership, the amount of money you save on the health plan is still far worth the cost. In addition, you’ll get all of the other great benefits and inexpensive prices of being a member of Sam’s Club.

The information that is provided on the Sam’s Club website is a bit confusing, but if you can manage to get through all of the paperwork and figure out which plan makes the most sense for you, you’ll still get a bunch of money back. They’re currently offering a high-deductible health-plan with a $10,000 deductible, which is quite high, but if you’re in good shape and can match that with a tax-free health savings account and are a healthy person, you’re saving a ton of money in wasted premiums. Most plans for self employed individuals are very similar to this with high-deductibles and relatively low premiums anyway, but the Sam’s Club plan is much cheaper.

When all is said and done, you’ll be able to save about 25 percent compared to what you would pay on the open market. If you’re a Sam’s club member, you can also make use of their very inexpensive pharmacies and get many home health products for a fraction of what you would pay in a traditional big box retailer. In order to get more information about Sam’s healthcare programs, you can go to their website and click on “Services” and then “Healthcare Services.” You’ll have to do a bit of reading to fully understand the plan, but that’s true with almost any health care plan being offered today.