What to do if Pulled over while Intoxicated

I actually can’t believe I’m writing about this, because I feel so strongly against it. And, after my say about it, it will become apparent why I’m writing in this forum.

The wreckage, carnage, and sorrow of so many people who are touched by one life lost or forever altered, just does not make driving DUI worth it. Calling a cab or a friend will save you a phenominal amount of money, versus a DUI, and possibly a life. Could you live with killing or injuring someone? Insurance rates go up, and court costs and impound fees can be staggering!

It amazes me when someone is pulled over and arrested for a DUI, that many times, if the driver is not being rude, the arresting officer will allow the person who is DUI to have someone come pick up their vehicle. If you had someone who could drive the vehicle in the first place, why were you driving? That being said, I’ll get off my soapbox.

Let’s start off with the basics. Pull over, safely, when you see the lights behind you. Here’s a safety point for you. Do Not open your window or door to anyone coming out of a vehicle that does not also have blue lights flashing. Only law enforcement can, and must have them. If they are not present, they are not an officer. Do not open up to them, and get to a place with people.

Wait to see why the officer pulled you over. Don’t guess why when they ask if you know why you were pulled over, simply say no and let them tell you.

Don’t give out unnecessary information. Already have your registration and proof of insurance in a place that is easy to get to and together. Keep them in a relatively small, empty box so you don’t have to go digging for them. Wait to give out your license, registration, and proof of insurance until asked for it.

If they ask if you’ve been drinking, avoid the way too overused answer of, “only a couple”. Everybody’s only had a couple. Breathing in his or her face, of course is not a good idea, but if you think that because they can’t smell your breath, that they can’t smell the alcohol, you are wrong. Trust me, the smell comes out of your pours too. If you do get away with it, consider yourself one of the few. Officers are not born under a rock, and they know the signs. When they ask if you’ve been drinking, a sobriety test is coming. Unless you are not DUI, and only nervous, let them know you are nervous, and take the test.

For those who do get pulled over for a DUI, and do not have a valid license, pay close attention here. Many people think that you have to do a sobriety test. If you refuse to do a sobriety test, you will lose your license. If you currently have a valid license, then by all means, do a sobriety test…not so fast! Keep reading to learn the best way to do this. If your license is already suspended, what is the point in doing a sobriety test, except to get more charges pressed against you? I don’t know, maybe they are fun to get, and I’m missing something by staying out of the courtroom.

If you do have a valid license, try this one on for size. Let the officer know that you are willing to do a sobriety test, but you want your attorney present while it is administered. You are going to need an attorney anyway, because you made the intelligent decision to drive under the influence, (see, the costs are already beginning). Any decent attorney is going to wait to show up to represent you for a while, allowing your BAC, (Blood Alcohol Level), to go down. I’m thinking one night in county is probably better than the alternative.

Do not be disrespectful under any circumstances. Don’t forget, it was your brilliant idea to get behind the wheel, and the arresting officer may have just saved yours, and/or an innocent person’s life. Maybe instead, gratefully say, “Thanks for the ride”!

On the other side of the coin, if you do get away with it, please take it as the gift it is. Call someone you know, or a cab to come pick you up. Do not continue down that road, risking something you will regret the rest of your life, if you live through it.