What to do if you are Arrested by the Police

Being arrested by the police for some, may be a life-altering experience.  Some people will go through life never having an encounter with the Police and if they do it is brief.  In some cases people may immediately go on the offensive when they have an encounter with the Police because they believe if they tell the Police they are innocent the Officer will let them go.  In a lot of cases once the arrest is made there is nothing anyone can do to stop the process from continuing.  Some people choose to fight and argue and some people accept the fact that they will be going to jail.

The difference between cooperating and fighting is huge.  The end result will generally be the same but the experience that you have may be made a little easier with cooperation.  People must understand that Police Officers are following a set of rules and laws, just as you do at your job they must answer to a boss or higher up.  So, in most cases begging and pleading with the Police Officer is a waste of time and energy.

Don’t be discouraged.  There are things that you can do to make the process easier for you to get through.  Remember that in most instances the police were not driving down the street and created the fact that you have a warrant or something and unilaterally decided that they were going to stop you and arrest you, that’s not how it works.  In most cases there is a reason that you were stopped and there is a reason that you are being arrested and in most cases you are aware of those reasons, you just choose not to admit it.

Here is a small list that you can follow and hopefully make your experience less painful;

-Be respectful

-Follow instructions


-Do not break the law

These are just a few of the things that you can do to avoid having a tough time with the Police.  Remember that the Police are out there doing a job just like you and though sometimes you may not agree with what they do you have to respect the position.  Most people don’t want to do the job because they are either too scared or don’t want to sacrifice what the Police sacrifice to help other people and a greater cause, greater than me or you.  So the next time you have an encounter with the police, listen to what is being said and respect what is being said, and at the end of the day if you’re not happy with the end result, that is why the justice system is in place.

In most cases depending on what you are being arrested for the process is fairly simple.  If you have a simple warrant the Police will arrest you.  After arresting you the Police do not have to read you your rights.  There are certain conditions that must be met and only when the officer is asking you guilt- seeking questions about a crime for which he believes you may have committed.  The Police will then take you to their booking facility or jail where you will be booked in.  In most cases of being arrested for a warrant you will have a bond.  If you can bond out then you bond out, you get a new court date and off you go, simple as that.  Keep in mind this process will occur with or without your cooperation and I can assure you that it will be tougher for you than it will be for the police.