What to do with one Dollar

What a fun concept. Five things to do with one dollar. This article will show you the many wonderful things that can be done with a seemingly useless one dollar bill. Back in the 20’s a dollar bill was a respectable thing. These days you can find dollar bills washed up in laundry machines. We’ve all been there, don’t lie.

1. If you have kids, assign one of them to do some yard-work or household chores and promise them one dollar if they do it and do the job with ferociousness. Kids will understand what ferocious is because a lion or tiger is ferocious, so they will do the job well if they really care. This will be great if you have a messy kitchen or want the weeds pulled.

2. Instead of buying gum that will often cost $1.29 at the checkout line, buy tic-tacs for $1 instead. These wonderful creations will keep your breath smelling fresh and you don’t even have to work hard to chew them either. Tic-tacs provide much more value than gum because there are twenty times as many tic-tacs in a box than sticks of gum. You do the math!

3. Invest it into a 25 year bond for someone you love. The time principle of money is applied here when you purchase a bond and in 25 years it will grow into $25. These bonds are great for kids because they will simply see $25 and will learn a valuable lesson when they grow older and will be able to understand concepts concerning personal finance.

4. Buy a child size ice cream cone. This is the perfect way to spend a dollar on a very hot day. There’s nothing more refreshing than a soothing vanilla or tasty chocolate ice cream cone from your local store. Just imagine the cool taste of vanilla or the sweet of chocolate hit your lips and tongue as you take a bite. Refreshing. This will definitely be a dollar well spent.

5. Last but not least, (well hopefully not anyway) give one dollar to charity. This could be anything from giving the dollar to the Red Cross foundation or if you have ever used Bookmark Add-On, you could donate one dollar to your favorite bookmark. It’s really up to you whatever you donate the dollar to, as long as it’s a worthy cause.

And that’s it. Five great things to do with one dollar. Don’t spend it all in one place, or maybe you should!