What to look for when Shopping for Apartment Rental Insurance

What to look for when looking for renter’s insurance.

When it comes to the roof over your head, you don’t need surprises. Use a trusted Insurance Agent who knows enough about you and has right questions for you.

The big item is your total personal property. Your computer word processing software might have a template for this inventory. You want a full and extensive list. Open cupboards, closets, drawers and jewelry boxes. Take pictures of each room plus storage, cellar, attic, garage and yard from all 4 directions. These will help you see the fullness of the smaller categories like utensils and small appliances, food and cleaning stores. Don’t forget the yard, porch or patio including any landscaping that is yours. Windows are often overlooked. List the blinds, sheers, drapes, tiebacks and findings.

Your coverage is for replacement cost or value. List your artworks, jewelry and other non-replaceables at value. The rest is better covered for replacement cost.

Ask about the jewelry limits and see if you need special coverage. If so, you might want to think of a hidden safe or bank safety deposit box. Check the various costs. Cash coverage is often limited to $500. If you usually have more than that you may want to rethink more secure cash flow.

Pets are not covered. If you have a medical pet (dog for the deaf or blind) see if it would be listed as medical equipment. Check hearing aids, C.I.’s and related peripherals. Many policies require a special listing and charge. Check any medical or work related objects for verification of coverage at full replacement cost is included. If you have a handicapped vehicle, there might be overlapping coverage giving you some reductions of your automobile insurance.

Each policy has limits of personal property off premises. Make a basic list and valuation of things you have at work, in the car and at a friends or relatives to be sure you are not unknowingly vulnerable.

Computer coverage is an additional a rider. Be sure your computer protection is noted for a discount. If you have any collections of any kind, make sure they are fully covered through the main policy or with a rider. Check the coverage of business, student or specialty books?

For possible liability ask about any groups or workshops or meetings you might have in your apartment. Are their circumstances were people might not be covered if they slipped and fell?

Loss of use should cover a hotel room with small kitchen, and cash for food and taxi’s until kitchen supplies can be purchased. All costs for relocation should be covered. Check your landlord’s policy for possible overlapping coverage.

Apartment insurance costs much less than homeowner’s. It is a real must in order to avoid the upheaval that would ensue without it, should a large emergency occur.