What to say when you Talk to you Kids about Drugs Crack Cocaine and Drugs

Cocaine Killed My Soul

Its only weed, so what, everyone does it. This is what we hear all the time when we ask today’s youth about it. Nothing will happen, it’s just a little weed. So when we hear this from our children or youth of America, what do we say? What do you tell them? Do you even know what to say?

November 24th 2001, I married the woman of my dreams, or thought I did. We started off just smoking a little weed at the end of the night to relax after a hard day of work. She was in patient care and I was a credit counselor. We had always smoked since we knew each other but never knew of anything else. She was 29 and I was 25. We were just another middle class family with a bright future.

The marriage wasn’t working out so well at this point and we went our separate ways. She moved to the south side of St. Petersburg, FL and I moved to my parent’s house. We came back into contact after a few months and I knew she was acting different but couldn’t put my finger on it. It took me six months to realize she was smoking crack! I didn’t know what to do! I could never imagine her doing such a thing.

In 3 years of cocaine abuse, we spent over $180,000 or more, if you add in the other drugs we abused. The sad part is, I was there to witness a lot of it but lucky enough not to witness it all. People was shooting at each other and fist fighting over it. It was almost like a war zone of desperation. The violence and anger that was witnessed of people coming off of crack is something I will never forget. It came to the point I didn’t care or even want to know where she was. Eventually she became a prostitute and went to jail for possession of crack cocaine. My worst nightmare had just come true.

It has come to a point in society where drugs are common or considered normal. The abnormal has become the normal. We push it in their face at very young ages. There is plenty of it in music, TV and video games. When we grew up, most of us didn’t know what it was until our twenties.

So when your children come to you and ask about drugs and what their friends are doing, tell them the truth. Tell them just how horrible it can ruin your life and all your dreams. Let them know weed or bud, whatever you want to call it; it is just the beginning of experimenting with other drugs! It will lead you to a life of being just average or worse. If we legalize drugs, we will kill society. Do you really think drugs should be legalized?