What Type of Insurance should Freelance Writers take out

Work as a freelance writer at home and rarely go out? No point in getting any insurance, right? Well, wrong actually. Even if you’re a stay at home mum freelancing from your home office, you still might need some type of insurance. Freelancing is an unpredictable profession, a little bit like life actually. It’s impossible to know what may happen tomorrow.

1 – Health insurance is something everyone should consider. Freelance writers experience stress, back pain, and every day health problems like the cold and flu. Your health is the most important thing, you can’t do anything without it. Health insurance will come to use if something does happen and you fall ill.

2 – Life insurance is something you should consider if you have a large mortgage and other loans that will need to be paid of if you die. If you have children, life insurance is even more important so that they are not left with the burden of paying off your debt at a time when they are mourning. By having life insurance, finances are something that you don’t have to worry about if the worst happens.

3 – Contents insurance is something you should have for your home. However, if you operate a business from home, your normal home and contents insurance may not cover your business items. Talk with your insurance company about including your business items under the contents insurance so that in case of fire, flood, or theft you are aren’t left with enormous replacement costs. For the freelance writer with a variable income, this is security and peace of mind.

4 – Liability insurance may be necessary if you write about topics that may provoke someone to take out a law suit against you. Or if you have clients coming to you house for interviews or other writing related matters and they are at risk of getting hurt on your premises. This may be due to building damage, having a dog or simply tripping over a step and breaking a leg. You don’t want to be held financially responsible if something does happen, and in this case it may be worthwhile to consider taking out liability insurance.

Insurance is necessary for most freelance writers. Before taking out any insurance it’s important to consider your individual situation and match the insurance policy to your personal needs. Health and contents insurance may be all you need and that’s fine. Do your own calculations and give yourself the security and peace of mind insurance offers.