What you need to know about Allied Interstate Collection Agency

There are several things you need to know about Allied Interstate Collection Agency. Just like other collection agencies, they may be hired by creditors to retrieve funds owed by clients. Unfortunately, they have a reputation of being a little heavy about the way they go about collecting money.

Some people on the receiving end of their retrieval system have felt intimidated by their methods, reporting that they have been harassed, and even repeatedly bothered by the agency when they don’t even owe any money. In some cases credit reports are said to have been reviewed without the permission of debtors.

Telephone calls from Allied Collection Agency can be upsetting, particularly when the calls are being made, not only to debtors, but to their family and other relatives in a blatantly offensive fashion.

If you owe someone money then of course, you must pay it back, and it can make sense for some companies to hire agencies, such as Allied Interstate, to help them. However, as a debtor you still have rights, and the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act”, tells us that no agency should treat debtors unfairly.

It is sensible to understand your rights, so that you can prevent any collection agency, including Allied Interstate Collection Agency, from harassing you, being verbally aggressive, upsetting your family, or mistreating you in any other way.

How To Deal With Communication

# As soon as you are contacted ask the person you are speaking with for identification, and an address. Allied Collection Agency have been known to attempt communication without giving their identity.

# Never settle your debt over the phone. You need to make sure that everything is legal and above board. You also need proof that you have paid money when you do so.

# The F D C P A, have stipulated that no agency can phone you early in the morning, that is before 8.am, or late in the evening, after 9.pm. So if you do receive a call when you shouldn’t, make it known that this goes against F D C P A rulings, and that if they call you again at the wrong time you will report them.

# Agencies also have no right to harass you by telephone, or to confuse you into receiving collect phone-calls. Let them know that you understand your rights, and will not put up with such poor treatment.

# If your employer doesn’t allow phone-calls at work, tell the collection agency. Once you have done so they are not allowed to call you at your place of work.

# If you have appointed an attorney give the agency his, or her, name. All communication should then travel via this attorney and they have no right to bother you directly.

Debt Validation

# One important right that you have as a debtor is to ask the agency to send you a letter of validation, relating to the debt you are said to owe. Having such a letter can empower you if you want to challenge the validity of the debt they are trying to collect from you.

Incorrect Debt

# If the collection agency have their facts wrong, you have the right to send them what is known as a ‘Cease and Desist Letter’. In this letter you will need to tell them that the original creditor is the only person who you intend to deal with. Keep a copy of your letter, and any other written communication, and be sure to always put the date on the letter.

# Credit Report

Check out your credit report to see if the agency has contacted bureaus about your debt, or supposed debt. If this has been done wrongly you have the right to dispute their actions.

Allied Interstate Collection Agency can sometimes be removed from your credit report by a credit repair company. This is worth doing as a damaged credit report remains a negative burden for up to seven years if not repaired.

# What To Do If Treated Badly By Allied Interstate.

If they treat you unfairly, by violating F D C P A provisions, you have up to one year to report them and state your case.