According to a recent U. S. Census Report (August, 2008), the number of uninsured Americans has only decreased 1 million from the 46.6 million a mere three years ago, which reduced that dire statistic to a still alarming rate of 45.7 million uninsured Americans. Thus, it should be a matter of major concern for the next presidential administration to do something about this throng of uninsured Americans who don’t have adequate medical care to offset the high cost of staying healthy. Nevertheless, here are my suggestions as to what can be done to help this horde of uninsured Americans obtain the medical care that they so desperately need.


To these uninsured Americans, the myriad of healthcare policies out there are simply not afforded; thus, making it nearly impossible for these Americans to purchase a policy that would safeguard the security and minimize the health risks of their families. Yet, here are two companies that are doing something about this margin of disparity between the high cost of medical care and those who can least afford it.

Globe Life, a Torchmark Corporation, has over $48 billion of insurance in force and has issued over 3.3 million policies and yet they are primed to issue many more. If you are among the number of uninsured Americans who don’t have a policy, then for only $1 you can pay your first month’s premium to become the owner of an insurance policy of upward to $50,000 depending on the size and disposition of your family. These policies range in cost anywhere from $29.95 to $79.95 per month, depending on your family’s health risks.

Another company that offers affordable policies to their customers is Physician Life Insurance Company and Physician Life Mutual Insurance Company (This is only one company with a joint venture). For also $1 in the first month’s premium, this company will approve your application by asking you only three basic questions. Once approved, the policy will be shipped to you in an handsome leather folder. Also, another product that may be of interests to uninsured Americans is long-term care which should be consider for the entire family rather than just for aged members. As an additional incentive, these policies pay you a monthly stipend when you’re laid up in the hospital and can’t work. This is to offset the high cost of medical care. The range in cost is anywhere from $39.95 to $69.95 per month.


Most Americans don’t know that there are companies out there who are doing something about the high cost of medical care. Thus, it is these Americans who need to be educated as to what these companies are doing. Furthermore, without this knowledge, these same Americans will ultimately suffer from these impending financial and personal catastrophes which are death expenses, unemployment and loss of one or both limbs.

Thus, it is paramount that if the aforementioned tragedies are to be eliminated, then those masses of uninsured Americans must be educated as to what those aforementioned companies are doing.


Finally, the health-care crisis in America can be drastically reduced or curtailed when this horde of uninsured Americans have become beneficiaries of affordable healthcare, and have been educated as to the companies who are doing something to shorten the nationwide disparity that exists.