When Forcing a Father to Pay Child Support is Unethical

Is there a price for childhood when a child is not allowed to be a child to the parent supporting them?

No. How can you tax a father who is refused his children? How can you force a father to become responsible for something that has been torn and kept at a distance from him?

The court is too lenient on women’s rights where the child is concerned. Its all nice and pretty when you get married and the father becomes important to the childs needs. However; when the mother feels that she is unhappy or he proves himself to be unfaithful yet she leaves him to find that “need” from another man.
The father is concidered a predator and goes from being a live in father, going to baseball games, eating dinner with the whole family, and tucking the children in at night to seeing them on a schedule.

Mostly because the parents can’t live together.

Women suffer too. But its more when theyve committed crimes, are on a drug addiction and when there ex becomes so controlling he makes it his known duty in life to ruin the womans life. Every case is different. However the facts need to be taken into place.

I have to stand for men who do work two jobs barely to live out of a car and support a family getting back on its feet.
We spend all our resources protecting women and there innocence and sanctity of being a woman, however, alot of them aren’t nearly as innocent as they claim.

I know from experience. My ex spends all my child support money on cruises and Vegas trips. She takes on every year. After she claims my daughters exepmtion, gets my tax return and my monlthy payment. Somewhere around 5,000.00 on top of 600 a month I send her anyways. Where is the justice in that? Did I mention she lives with her parents?

What I’m trying to say is this, the very people who stand up and judge men and make them support there children, are parents as well. They should take into concideration common sense and not the fact that they have a “law” to uphold. Where is the equality in the justice system when a mans child support is concidered by their gross pay, and there assets? Liabilities are not a concern to the court, in there eyes three jobs is probably not enough. Whats even funnier is that they withhold from all three jobs. Even though the first job pays the support sufficiently.
This is not equality. This is unfortunate. Its corruption and its an image control technique.
The purpose of the welfare system in this country is to strengthen the economy and become a wealthier nation. They offer education opportunities including self help courses. But when a man is liable for upwards 1000.00 a month of there income and has to supplement with three jobs, where is there time to study and better themselves?

Deadbeat Fathers need to be given a break. We are the backbone of the family not the country and its dysfunction.