When Forcing a Father to Pay Child Support is Unethical

child support should always be paid no matter what, however there circumstances should be looked at, if the carer of the children male or female can arrange something that would be better for both parties it would cause less stress. I no many parents that have done this and they have been happy and so have the children, its a lot easier and simple option for everyone, but both parents have to be working so they can tell c,s,a they have sorted it out between each other.

They should be looking for absent parents that do not intent to pay instead of the ones that are willing.

If a parent is paying they should never be refused contact unless of some circumstances.

Then the so called c,s,a steps in and can then ruin some families lives, expecting a parent to pay more money than possible, absent parents need so survive as well, they have bills too, I’m all for absent parent paying, but lets be realistic about it.

If a father remarries his wife’s wages are taken into account “why”? i wouldn’t want to take my ex husbands new wife’s money, not because i would be bitter but because it wouldn’t be fair as they would probably treat the child/ren when they visit anyway.

And also if a parent is on benefit and she or he refuses to sign forms for the c,s,a
they get punished by loosing some of their benefit, so then puts them into hardship
and they have no choice but to go to c,s,a.

As for me I had 5 children looked after them for 10 years on my own, as soon as my youngest was at full time school i started working full time, and i loved it. The c,s,a got in touch with me when my youngest was 5 months old, she is now 14 and i haven’t had a penny. So there not up to scratch anyway.

I started a new life and i wouldn’t change it for the world i didn’t need any money from my ex, it would have been nice but i managed without.

But i think the c,s,a need to look at their system a bit closer. “do you agree?”.