When Insurance is Prudent

How many people knew that waking up today was a certainty or that coming home to a loving family after work is guaranteed? The fact is, we are only able to control one split second of our lives. In a blink of an eye or a snap of a finger, that second is gone. The next one is not promised.

A common thought about insurance is, ” I don’t need insurance because I’m pretty healthy, but I’ll look into it in about a year. Maybe.” Tell that to the loved ones left behind who are now struggling to stay afloat financially because it wasn’t a matter of immediate importance. Try to look a spouse in the eye and say that because of a disability, there will be no income.

Being insured is a matter of responsibility. Done correctly, an insurance policy cannot only bring financial security but can also provide a peace of mind for the policy owner. It brings the comfort of knowing that loved ones will be able to be financially stable and continue to live the life to which they have been accustomed.

When is insurance prudent?
The immediate answer that comes to mind is “Now.”
But the right answer is actually, “Last night.”

Financial security means different things to different people. However, it generally addresses the risks of dying too soon, becoming sick or disabled, and it can also provide a safety net for having sufficient assets to ensure that future goals are reachable. Basically, is it possible that you will out-live your savings?

A good Financial Representative will recommend the right plan for the right client. The agreement between the two should be more of a friendship than a business contract. Many people avoid the idea of insurance or even working with a Financial Representative because of the misconception that insurance agents are money hungry. Having a good policy and a strong relationship with an agent far outweighs having a computer tell you what is best for you.

If you died last night, would your family be able to live the same life, financially speaking, as they would if you were still alive? If you became disabled today, would you still be able to provide for your family? Insurance is a responsibility and tomorrow is promised to nobody. Make sure that you do the right thing for your loved ones.