When should you Avoid Store Brands

In the age old debate of name brand versus store brand, store brands tend to win hands down when it comes to saving dollars and cents for savvy shoppers. However, are store brands always the best answer when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck? Internet experts do not always think store brands are best as they find there are times to pony up a little extra dough for the name brand. Here are just a few examples of times that it’s probably wise to nix the store brand savings in favor of the name brand taste.

Consumer reports

According to Consumer Reports, name brands like Ben and Jerry’s Kellogg’s, Stouffer’s, Bird’s Eye, Quaker, Tropicana and Soy Dream trump store brands just about any day of the week when it comes to the majority of their products in taste and nutrition. However, as store brands improve packaging and taste everyday, that is always subject to change, as tests also found several items that were just as good – if not better – than their name brand counterparts. When it comes to name brand versus generic products, always read the labels, check the nutrition information and make a decision from there.  

Other pros

Even famous ‘frugalistas’ like Monica Knight, co-founder of Fabulessly Frugal  say that buying things like Coca-Cola and name brand potato chips tastes better than opting in for store brand junk food items. However, junk food isn’t the only temporary fix to savings that frugal experts recommend when it comes to nixing store brand items. There is more, and what that “more” is might just surprise you.

Most online shopping experts say that the store brand plastic wrap, laundry detergent and paper products simply don’t hold a candle to their name brand counterparts. Most are flimsy, don’t work as well and aren’t as durable. This means that consumers can expect to pay more for these products in the long run – as they have to use more of them – than they will in the short term by paying a little bit more for name brand products in the interim.

Don’t forget the power of coupons

Of course, when it comes to saving money on store brands versus name brands, the power of coupons shouldn’t be overlooked. If you are able to find a store with generous coupon policies, it’s possible to pay the same amount for a name brand item as you would for a store brand simply by clipping a few coupons to save a little bit more money. If you do, you won’t find yourself sacrificing savings for flavor, nutrition or durability now or in the near future.