When they Borrow

There are times when some people come into money whether they earned it, inherited it, or perhaps they hit the jackpot at a casino. Regardless of how it is attained, it is their money to do whatever it is they want with it. Getting that kind of money will spread in the wind like wildfire to family and friends and to all who come up out of the abyss that will ask you for a loan. Very few are sincere when they tell you they will pay you back, so be careful not to fall for some of their tricks and be wary and vigilant instead.

It is hard to say no to a good friend or family member, so if you were to think back on all the times your friend or loving family member was there for you, and you can count the many times they have given you the shirt off their backs, then maybe you can make a sensible decision based on that alone.

It is okay to say no to those asking for loans, just remember saying yes means less in your nest. And the chances of them paying you back may be slim. There are many people that can tell us of the times they have given out loans to friends and haven’t heard from them in years. I once made the mistake of loaning a neighbor a large sum of money and she avoided me like I had some
dreadful disease.

One evening I saw her hauling groceries into her apartment and I stopped her in her tracks and nicely asked her “When did she plan on paying back the loan?” All she could give me was an excuse that she was having trouble
paying her bills and she wasn’t working on a regular basis anymore because of sickness.

Being an easy going woman I decided to believe her and forget about the loan so I didn’t bug her any further. “That was a big mistake.” She started turning away from me whenever I waved and said, “hello.” I’m sure she was angry because I asked her to pay back the loan.

Here is a good idea for anyone thinking about loaning money to a friend. Have that friend sign something stating that they will pay you back in so many days, months, years or whatever time frame you need, even charge interest if you prefer; just make sure they are in agreement, sign and have it legally notarized before writing out a check. If that friend gives you a hassle or becomes angry so be it, there are plenty of people in this world and you won’t be lonely.

Everyone wants to be your best pal when they hear you have come into a large windfall. Don’t make it a habit of telling anyone about how much you have, and don’t brag or flaunt your earnings or whatever you have accomplished in life in anyones face. There is nothing wrong with being proud, however, spend more time being happy.

If you feel the need to share the wealth, then perhaps, take some time and search for a worthy charity or a worthy cause that is near and dear to your heart. You will feel better about yourself and you won’t kick yourself later for lending money to “uncle Dewey.” “aunt Cheetham.” and “cousin Howie.”