When to Buy Life Insurance

No one likes to think about dying, but lets face it, we are all going to. Life insurance can be a depressing thing to sit and dwell on but we all need it. Many people choose to wait to obtain life insurance until they have a family but lets face it we may die before we have a family if we don’t have one right this minute. When you die either alone or with family someone is going to have to bury your carcass whether it be a wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, etc. You do not want to leave your loved ones forever in debt to the funeral home because you did not have life insurance!

The best time to get life insurance is while you are young and healthy. Rates are cheaper because you are young with a less likely chance of dying and because you are healthy being free and clear of old age ailments. A locked in whole life insurance policy while you are young can save you thousands of dollars later in life. Some insurances will require a physical exam and the younger you are the better your chances of scoring well and locking in low rates.

Many parents today are choosing to start a life insurance policy for their children at ages as young as a month old. Parents can lock in rates for a whole life policy for virtually pennies a day by making this choice. The child will never have to worry about what they need to do about life insurance as long as the policy is paid on time. Companies that offer this type of coverage generally never increase their rates. This means that at age 75 your child could still be getting their life insurance for pennies a day! If buying insurance for your child bothers your conscious don’t look at it as insurance for if your child should die look at it as a great investment for your child’s life long future.

If you wait to obtain a life insurance policy until you think you may need it you are only increasing your own price to pay. Once you are old and sick you may not even be able to get life insurance due to your health condition. Companies may decline you if you are a high risk client unless you are willing to pay dearly for special insurance. Certain diseases such as cancer, HIV, AIDS, etc are often not covered on normal life insurance policies. Medical conditions such as a heart attack or stroke may even decrease your odds of getting a good affordable rate on your insurance policy.

If you do not have a life insurance policy call an agent today. We as humans do not get any younger only older as each day goes by. The world we live in is uncertain and we never know when our time may be up. Life insurance is a small price to pay to secure the future of those you love should something happen to you. If you have children for their own sake begin their policy for them. The amount of savings for a young child’s policy can be huge over the span of the child’s life.