When to Stop Playing the Lottery

Almost every smart minded individual knows that playing the lottery is completely useless. While that $1.00 that you spend on a ticket could technically win you that big million dollar jackpot, the fact of the matter is, there are likely a hundred million or more people that are in that same mindset that go out and purchase a ticket in hopes of scoring that seemingly impossible huge and life changing jackpot. It is this hope that keeps people playing, and when it becomes known that putting more money on the lottery increases your chances even slightly, it then becomes important to know exactly when it is time to stop playing the lottery.

The lottery ha a tendency to cost more money than it is worth. If you are one of the individuals out of the millions out there that thinks that they stand a higher chance of winning because you put more money on, then think again. When a hundred million or more people play, it does not make a difference if you put a dollar on or ten dollars, you are still more likely to lose, you simply stand more chance of breaking even by winning the smallest prize and getting your money back. It is this false sense of achievement that keeps people playing.

The time to stop playing the lottery is when it starts to interfere with your personal life and your own personal wealth. If you spend ten dollars a week on the lottery and you lose, that is ten dollars down the drain and that ten dollars could have been used to take your family out to dinner or to the theatre, or it could have been spent on a treat for you and your family or even saved towards a future family vacation. If you are getting to a stage where your lottery spending habits are subsequently becoming a troublesome bother that leaves you out of pocket and without necessities and luxuries alike, then that is the perfect time to put yourself in a mindset of realization that subsequently results in you calling it quits on the lottery.

The lottery is seemingly impossible to win, and as it stands, you are very unlikely to win it in your lifetime, but it is that “what if” aspect of hope that can potentially all boil down to one ticket. The fact of the matter is, you are no more likely to win if you put ten dollars on or a dollar, so stick to a dollar a week on a ticket and spend the other nine dollars on luxuries for you and your family. The lottery is essentially just a publicized word for public gambling, and if you fall into the trap of the lottery, you will essentially find yourself battling the addiction. Know when to call it quits; the perfect time to stop playing the lottery is when it starts to interfere with your personal savings and the money that would otherwise be spent on you and your family, and family and love are the most important things in life, so spend your money on those instead.