When to Stop Playing the Lottery

Do you enjoy playing the lottery? A lot of people enjoy playing some scratch off tickets, or maybe buying a Take 5 every so often. While a scratch off game every so often is nothing more than blowing a dollar on entertainment, when does it go from hobby to something that you might want to cut back on?

How often do you play the lottery? I see people everyday who shouldn’t be playing lottery tickets because it is an addiction. When you are using winnings from lottery tickets to buy groceries, or support your day to day life, it is time to stop buying the lottery tickets. It is typically a losing situation and you are better off just using that dollar to buy some bread instead of a lottery ticket.

Gambling can be an addiction and is something that you have to be sure you can control. If you are going to the store once an hour to get a lottery ticket, it might be time to seek help and stop playing the lottery. The lottery is not something that is going to make you rich in 99.9 percent of people’s lives. Save that money instead of playing the lottery and watch your money add up while you avoid making any more risky decisions.

There are people who are in the local grocery store at least once an hour, or more, to play the lottery. Some people will claim that they have won 500 dollars on one ticket, but that mostly offsets the 500 dollars or more that they have spent on lottery tickets over the past few weeks or months. When you think you have made a profit off of one big winning ticket, it is time to stop playing the lottery.

When you stop to realize that the lottery is often used as a means to raise money for the government, it is time to stop playing the lottery. While it might seem nice to win a couple of dollars here and there, it is usually just going to the schools and roads being built in the nicer parts of town. Since schools get funding based on results and location, it tends to be that the poor are paying for the nicer schools to be built and maintained.

The lottery is just a pipe dream that keeps people thinking that they might be able to get rich. There is no such thing as a reliable get rich quick scheme, just a lot of luck. It takes work, sacrifice and patience to get good at anything, so you might as well fill out a job application instead of playing the lotto if you seriously think that is your plan to the big time.