When you need to Save Money any way you can

When you need to save any way you can a little definitely goes a long way. Any major purchase you make and I mean anything over $250 you should try to negotiate. It will simply amaze you what you can save when you try to negotiate over the price. I was looking to book a hotel room for a seminar and I decided to negotiate and I ended up saving 50% off the price of that room. This took me by surprise but it was suggested that I try this so I did.

Start taking your lunch every day and just watch the money you are going to save. It will build up and save you a tremendous amount of money daily. Just think if you spend $4 or $5 per day for lunch over the course of a year how much money you are putting out. Try saving this money instead. At $4.5 per day times 23 days per month, ( not counting weekends) = $103.50 and then times 12 and you will realize a savings of $1242 per year.

Sometimes we want to go out and buy the most popular name brand items which of course cost the most money. The generic products are just as good and they are less expensive. If you purchase the generic products you will save yourself a ton of money.

Do you really need that extended warranty? Did you know that well over 70% of all extended warranties are never utilized?

If you buy a used car this is another way to save a lot of money. With a few exceptions I have always bought used cars and the ones I bought lasted for years and save me a lot of money. Try buying some a demonstration model from a car dealer this represents yet another way to save yourself some money. When you have a used car it is better to sell it yourself rather than trade it in because you have an interest in this deal and you will make a much better deal for yourself than the car dealership will. You stand to make more money from this transaction on your own.

If you pay an extra $50 or $100 on your mortgage you can save a ton of money over the life of a 30 year mortgage. You can wipe off seven or eight or even 10 years off your mortgage depending on the situation.
Those years represent finance charges you don’t have to pay. The money you save can go into a saving account or better yet a money market account that pays more. Make your money work for you and not the opposite.