Where Low Income Families can get Free Baby Supplies

We all know babies are expensive. But if you take advantage of free offers, you can make your dollars to go further. Signing up for free samples, investigating government programs and locating local organizations whose mission is to help low income families will help you provide necessary items for your baby at no cost to you.

Sign up for free samples

Many product suppliers will give parents free samples. Parent’s Choice and Simply Right Baby Care offer a choice of samples just for filling out an online form with your name, address, the age of your baby, and the kind of formula you’re currently using. Similac offers free samples for registering on their site. Plus, once you register, you can get coupons sent directly to your home for discounts on future purchases. Some companies, like Enfamil, will give sample coupons redeemable only at your doctor’s office. Others suggest asking the hospital for samples before you leave with your new baby. Gerber’s even offers a coupon for a backpack containing a free formula sample, bib, nutrition guide, and coupon book, redeemable at participating hospitals. Beech-Nut offers a Starter Kit that includes a free box of cereal and two jars of baby food just for signing up for their online newsletter. Earth’s Best also has an online newsletter. Sign up to receive a free sample of their organic formula. Register at Johnson’s and get their free Baby Relief kit with children’s pain relievers and diaper rash ointment. Joining a shopping club can also be helpful. Both Costco and Sam’s have offered free diaper samples to members.  

Take advantage of government programs

Government programs like WIC and TANF can help families supply healthy food and other needed items for their babies. WIC helps provide food, health services, and nutrition counseling to low-income women and their children. TANF provides Temporary Assistance for Needy Families through programs like their Summer Food Service Program. Taking advantage of programs like these not only gives families free supplies for their children, but it frees up money for other necessities, like diapers, car seats, and clothes.

Look for local community action and church organizations

Many communities have local groups and churches who assist needy families. They routinely receive donations of a variety of items including diapers, baby food, and clothing. Join the Freecycle Network, a nonprofit organization where members list items they’re willing to give away. Just type the name of your town in their search engine to find a group near you. Your local Craig’s List also has a section where people can list the things they’d like to give to someone who could use them. Register for free online to access their list of free items.

Finding free baby supplies may take a little work, but the savings for you and your family will be worth it. Signing up for free samples and government programs, and locating local organizations whose goal is to provide assistance to low income families will help you stretch limited funds and provide a better life for you and your child.