Where to Buy Cheap Car Insurance

There is no specific place where cheap car insurance can be purchased. There are too many factors such as area in which you reside, the age of the car, is the car new or used, is the car on a top ten list of cars stolen, how many years driving experience, the list goes on.

The best way to get the best rates is shop insurance rates before you buy the car. Once you are presented a quote compare to other companies and make sure you are paying for coverage you need. Many consumers have insurance policies which they pay for premiums or high insurance when it is unnecessary. There is no real accurate way to gauge which insurance provider will be the cheapest without establishing what categories you fit into.

Duration of Driving License

The length in which you have had your license determines your insurance rate as well. There are many companies such as Progressive, Geico, All-State, State Farm, and many others to choose from. If you live in an older neighborhood with lost cost of living, typically insurance rates are cheaper. Take some driving classes, this option is the easiest way to reduce the cost of insurance. A clean driving record plays a role in determining insurance rates.

Cost of Living

Cost of living plays an important role as well. Example: If John from Lancaster, PA has owns a 2006 Nissan 350z and Bob from Philadelphia, PA owns a 2006 Nissan 350z chances are John insurance rate is going to be cheaper because of the cost of living. Typically used cars are cheaper to insure only if the parts are produced in the market. When buying a used car stick to Honda or Toyota they usually are cheap to insurance. As a reminder, car class plays an important role with insurance. Most Honda’s fit in the economy class; whereas Dodge Viper would fit in exotic class. The Viper no matter how old or where you live, the insurance won’t be as much as a new one, but insurance will not be cheap although it is a 10 year old model.

Most Wanted List

If your car is on the top ten list of cars stolen chances are no matter where you live it will be hard to find cheap insurance. The easiest way to get cheap insurance is buy a car that is not on the list. Despite living in an affluent neighborhood if your car is on the list you will have high insurance.

Used vs. New

Typically used cars are cheaper to insure. There are cases where used cars are the same if not more expensive to insure. Example: If you set aside $40,000 and you are choosing between a new Nissan 350Z and  2000 Dodge Viper, the Viper will cost more to insure. The best solution is to shop rates before buying a car.


If you own multiple vehicles plus toys like a motorcycle, rv, atv, etc insurance companies will offer a package. Consolidating can used a bargaining tool to negotiate cheaper rate as you maintain good standing with the company. Remain proactive with your insurance rates. A good rule of thumb is shop around quarterly.

Good Luck!