Where to Find Easy Cash Payday Loans

When you need an immediate cash loan for an emergency, without going to a traditional lender and waiting for a decision, then a cash advance pay day loan could well be your choice.  As long as you meet the criterion for attaining a loan you will be able to get an instant decision, and either walk away with the cash or have it deposited within your bank account by the next day. 

Cash advance pay day loans are available in thirty nine US states through stores which appear in malls and city streets, under the name of cash advance stores. They are found near military bases, in densely populated cities, and in both middle and lower income neighborhoods. Alternatively you can locate an instant loan on the internet, and with some searching around will even be able to find promotional fee free loans, as a one off.

With these loans there are no credit checks involved. Advance payday loans are available to those who are in work or can prove a regular income from social security. Thus they are not aimed at the poorest in society, but those with an income but probably poor credit. Proof of your pay check plus an active checking account is necessary to obtain a loan. Ensure you choose a licensed lender who responsibly promotes the fact that payday loans are meant to cover a one off emergency, rather than something advocated as a regular thing.

The internet is awash with offers of cash advance payday loans. Due to the high level of competition between lenders there are some good promotional offers available with either a much reduced fee for the loan, or even a fee free loan. Obviously these offers are targeted at new customers in the hope that they will return; as there are no strings attached so you may as well take advantage. With the average payday loan costing between $20 and $30 per $100 borrowed, if you can find one which is free, or with a low charge of $10, these really are worth taking. Try and find an internet lender who also has stores, that way you’ll know they aren’t of the one day wonder variety but have a legitimate base.

If you use the internet route you will have funds deposited directly into your bank account, and withdrawn the same way, therefore necessitating nothing further than an online application and approval. This is the quickest option for you and you could have the funds deposited the same day. Also it is possible that you prefer the anonymity of dealing with the matter in this way, rather than in person.

If you choose to go into a store you are more likely to arrange payment by leaving a post dated check in return for your loan, which you then return and collect on the agreed date. You simply repay the loan in cash and retrieve your postdated check. This method may also be more suitable for those more wary of conducting financial transactions on the internet, or prefer the benefits of dealing one to one with a person who can advise them. Just be careful to not borrow more funds than you need.

Whether you choose to apply in person or online your application will be kept confidential as no enquiry is made through the credit bureaus. It is your ability to pay from your future pay check which counts, rather than your credit history, making them a good source of temporary finance for those with no credit history but a regular income. 

Be sure to shop around for the best deal and don’t be tempted to borrow more than you need. Cash advance pay day loans can serve their purpose well when you do need an emergency cash advance. There is so much choice online or in store that for once you can be the one saying yes to the lender, rather than waiting to see if the lender wants to deal with you.