Where to Find Inexpensive Car Insurance

Inexpensive yet responsive Auto Insurance is what you need the most. Don’t end up buying a very cheap Auto insurance without knowing what you are getting into. Later on when it is time to settle a claim you may just realize that it was not covered as per your insurance.

I am listing below 3 insurance companies (fairly cheap as compared to others on the new),

1) GMAC Insurance: It is a part of the General Motors. And yes it is very reliable. customer Support is worth writing pages about. You can take a quote over their website, or over a phone and if you are interested you can buy the policy then and there itself. My recent policy is from them and I bought it over phone. The moment you buy the policy they even send you the scanned copy/ fax of your policy (So you don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail). you also get a copy in the mail. I got very good quotes from them.

2) Farmer’s insurance: Need to go out look for an agent. My experience with them has not been very good. Not very responsive. I canceled my policy midway and I never got the full refund back (even after taking it up with several people in Farmer’s).

3) GEICO: One of the cheapest. Haven’t tried it as yet. One of my friend has and he quite happy with it.

Whenever you are looking for an auto insurance, do consider the following,

(A) Rate and coverage provided to you
(B) Reliable in terms of past history of settling claims
(C) Responsive Customer Support Desk to answer your queries