Where to Find Inexpensive Cigarettes

Undoubtedly one of the cheapest places to get cigarettes is at a party where you can just bum them off of a buddy. My friend Bruce says “I don’t buy cigarettes but I still smoke them.” He says this with a sly smirk as if he’s one up on everyone who actually supports their habit. But if there isn’t any charity handy, and you’re not a total brand whore, you can get a pack of bottom shelf brands for damn near half the price of a Marlboro or a Winston.
Doral, GPC, Misty, Parliaments, are just a few brands that cater to cheap skates and can be found in most stores nationwide. Another way to save a few dollars on the deadly habit is by rolling the things yourself. Bugler brand tobacco is just one such brand sold in little, travel size pouches and even comes with a pack of rolling papers to kick off your frugal smoking frenzy.
A great number of gas stations and convenience store situated in ghettos or urban slums sell the cancer joints by the stick. Meaning: fifty cents a cigarette. I don’t know this practice to be legal or condoned under law, but I know that it is practiced.
But if you’re down in the dumps and just feigning for that nicotine rush, broke as a joke and no one can spot you a fag, there’s always the trusty “gathering” method. This is where all means of cigarette collection have been exhausted and as a last resort, every nearby ashtray and sidewalk is meticulously scanned for butts with a smokable amount of tobacco left unspent. If you collect ten butts, it’s just like smoking a whole cigarette, and in my book, that’s the cheapest way to go out. Enjoy!