Where to Find Savings Coupons for almost anything

Centuries ago, human beings were hunters and gatherers; today, little has changed. Instead of foraging for berries with baskets and poaching wild game with sharp sticks, today’s hominids hunt bargains and deals. Modern day man forages for sale prices to put in his basket and uses coupons in place of sharp objects. Even though some folks would argue that the time required to hunt down coupons negates the savings, that doesn’t not need to be the case. Coupons save time and money if you know where to look for them.

*Coupon websites

Plug in the phrase “printable coupon website” into any search engine and your search nets  literally hundreds of results. There are dedicated coupon websites where users point, click and search coupons in seconds. The most time invested in this pursuit will be finding a coupon website you like best.

*Cash back rebate portals

Cash back rebate portals offer consumers printable coupons for groceries but also have coupon codes for online savings. These websites double up the bargains because the user saves with coupons but also ears cash back on his or her purchases.

*Credit card cash back sites

Many credit and debit card companies offer exclusive cash back rewards to their users via exclusive online portals. Deals abound on everything from underwear to home appliances or even cars.

*On paper

Of course there are the more obvious coupon resources too. You can find deals in things like weekly store flyers or Value Packs that come in the mail. These can be excellent sources of savings for everything from chimney sweeping to carpet cleaning.

Extra hint: Many of these services are also available online for printing or redemption when calling a retailer.

*Entertainment book

For a $25 investment, the Entertainment book gives you a super sized book of coupons for a plethora of food and fun, unique to your area. The book has thousands of coupons and even offers users access to a dining rewards card giving them 10 to 15 percent savings on their meals.

*Book of free

A $50 investment gets you 100 coupons for totally free items and services in your local area. Typically, coupon savings in the Book of Free is over $1,500.


Restaurant.com dishes up delicious savings to consumers in the form of  local and national eatery gift cards. You can send gift cards via email or snail mail as gifts for as much as 50 percent off their face value.

*Search it

When all else fails, search for the item you want to save on in your favorite engine. For instance, if you wanted to get some coupons for Alpo dog food, type in “Alpo dog food coupon” in your search box. Chances are you will find a manufacturer coupon or two in a matter of minutes.

Coupons have the power to save you a lot of money and time when following these basic coupon-hunting tips.