Where to Find Sliding Scale Health Insurance

Health care can be a very expensive thing for anyone who is trying to obtain it. Even if you have insurance through an employer, it doesn’t guarantee that at least some of the costs will still be on you to pay. Health care costs are also one of the fastest rising costs in America, so even being able to afford insurance this year does not mean it will still be as affordable next year. One way to try and manage health care costs is to find sliding scale insurance.

Where are some places where you can find sliding scale health insurance? The best thing to do is to simply ask what kind of fees will be expected from medical providers when you go to the doctor. For example, a simple Google search provided this result for sliding scale health care options in the Pittsburgh area.

Traditional health care providers will also provide sliding scale health care options for those who don’t have a lot of money to pay for health insurance. Excellus offers health care plans for those who are self-employed or are buying insurance on an individual basis. The fees and services are based on how much you are able to pay. These might not always offer the same services as a full-fledged health plan, but it will cover the basics.

Check with the local department of health to see if there are any providers in the area that offer sliding scale services. Some local clinics will also be willing to offer free services to those who are unable to pay, or are struggling to pay for health insurance. This can be a great way to receive health care without having to break the bank.

There are also providers of health care that might be looking to gain patients or experience. College medical students can sometimes be a great source of care for free or for a small fee. College clinics also tend to be cheaper as the doctors or other medical providers are generally students who are offering this service as a way to fulfill a college requirement.

Health care can be a very expensive thing for many people. However, there are several options for those who aren’t able to pay for their medical care. Public health offices, traditional health care providers and simply doing your homework on the Internet can become great sources for inexpensive health care.