Where to get Books Dvds and other Stuff for Free

I am an AmeriCorps member which is much like the PeaceCorp but you stay within the United States. It is a great program but you are asked to take a vow of poverty and live on about 10,000 dollars a year which is not simple. I have learned to be very resourceful and creative in order survive’.

One website that I go to daily is called freebies.about.com, each day they list freebies they have come across. This can include everything from hair elastics to tea samples. The wonderful thing about this site is it changes everyday and they allow you to look at past offers as well.

Another great resource is the website freecycle.org; which is also an environmental friendly program that reduces garbage in landfills. How this works is you sign up for a group that is in your area (geographical) and people post items that they are giving away instead of tossing in the garbage. I have seen everything from clothes to car engines on this site! You can also post wants, so if you need something you can ask if anyone has it first before buying the item.

My favorite website is the Walmart free page offers. They have great offers and ship them out so quickly! It is a great way to try out a product before buying it and realizing you don’t like it. Another site that is super quick is vistaprint.com. I ordered 250 business cards, 100 post cards, sticky notes, and a rubber self inking stamp for 12 dollars! How can you go wrong?

Just a warning be careful of the sites that ask for money and promise free items or samples; always be wary when people ask for money for free’ items. If it sounds to good to be true-it probably is!