Where to get the Basics of Finance

Personal Finance is never an easy topic to learn, and unfortunately few people take the time to really learn it at all these days. Consider that this vitally important subject is rarely breached in public schools. In America finance is considered such a personal topic that parents only seldom take the time to teach their kids about it.

Of course, spending even a short amount of time in a bookstore will expose anyone to the many various books written on personal finance. But cracking open most of these tomes is a daunting task, not only are the books usually HUGE but they are filled with numbers and charts, graphs and financial jargon that requires a MBA just to comprehend.

Further complicating matters is that financial laws and rules are almost always changing. Just when you think you’ve got it it changes.

So, where can a person get the basics of finance?

* Like so many other issues when it comes to finance the best thing you can do is seek professional guidances.

This is what a banker should really be used for. A Typical banker will be able to provide you with all kinds of information about personal finance, and they are often eager to advise. On the plus side, they are typically kept well informed concerning changing laws and regulations.

* The second best place to go for the basics of finance is back to that book store.

See all those huge books? Ignore them. Instead find a copy of The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton. Or a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Maybe The Richest Man in Babylon. Don’t forget the Automatic Millionaire. These are short fact filled books that are easy reads and have a wealth of information. Best yet, they don’t read like text books and won’t easily put you to sleep.

* Of course, there are always on-line resources.

Check out the Motley Fool for a plethora of financial information. MSN’s money page and CNN’s money site are both fantastic resources for anyone looking to learn about finance.

If you are ready to move beyond the very basics, check out the education section of sharebuilder.com for great information on the basics of investing.

Learning about the basics is only the beginning. This list of people, books, and web sites is a great place to start. Continue learning about finances and one day those huge tomes won’t be so intimidating, and all your friends will be asking you for financial advise.