Where to keep Credit Card

Reasons why you should keep your credit card in your wallet.

This article is not about keeping your credit card in a certain place to reduce spending temptation or debt temptation, rather this article is a practical guide as to why you should keep your credit cards in your wallet.

A wallet makes an excellent credit card holder for a number of reasons. It doesn’t matter if you carry a rewards credit card, prepaid credit cards, bank credit cards, or debit cards. Keeping the plastic in your wallet is a good idea.

Reduce the risk of theft and unauthorized use.

Sure, credit card fraud and credit card theft can be caused by a stolen wallet or a lost wallet, but the risk could be reduced by keeping your credit card in a wallet.

For one thing, credit cards kept loose in your pockets or bag can become lost on their own. If you keep your credit cards in different places, it could take valuable time to notice that one credit card is missing. You might not even realize that credit card fraud has occurred until you receive your month bill.

By keeping them in your wallet, you have the ability to keep close eye on them and you will always know where they are. Also if id theft happens to you, you can go into your wallet and you have all your credit cards that may be at risk. This saves time when calling to report identity theft or credit card fraud.

On top of all this, you are more likely to feel a pick pocket trying to commit wallet theft because of the sheer size and bulk of your wallet. A wad of cash or loose credit cards could slip out of your pocket easily. Money clips that hold credit cards could be an easy target for criminals looking to steal credit card numbers or cash.

Keeping your cards in good physical shape is also an important reason to keep your credit cards in a wallet. The magnetic strips, and imprinted numbers/text on the front of the card can become damaged if they rub against items in your pockets or bag. Also the cards can become physically deformed due to bending, moisture, and other conditions. The best credit card storage location for practical reasons may be in your wallet.

Of course it is always a good idea to keep a list somewhere of the cards and other documents stored in your wallet in the even that you have a lost wallet or a stolen wallet. Do not include account numbers or PIN numbers on these emergency sheets, rather keep the card name and the card issuer’s number on this list and store the list in a safe place outside of your credit card storage or wallet.

Keep your credit cards clean and organized as well as keeping them under your watchful eye by keeping credit cards and debit cards in your wallet.