Whether or not to Buy a Collision Damage Waiver

My first job was where collision damage waiver (CDW) was my bread and butter.
I was a clerk in a rental car agency, and though I was paid an hourly salary,
in addition we were compensated quite well for our ability to “sell” this to
unsuspecting clients. Granted, we were providing a viable service, but it was
nonetheless a powerful incentive when our monthly “commission” checks arrived.

There were monthly reports posted of employees making in excess of $3,000 just
in commissions alone. Just anticipating the arrival of our “bonus” checks, brought
with it an incentive to go to work everyday, and take whatever overtime that was
offered. It was quite lucrative then, and I was more than happy to be available
and put myself out there with the best of them. I learned quite a lot, as in any
job. I was really “naive”, and sometimes the lessons I learned were difficult.
Businessmen were most likely to be rude, and even today, I still see that. I can
only assume it’s part of their arrogance that’s placed them into the position
they carry themselves in. It’s not always like that, but it is a choice that
one makes everyday as to how they will conduct themselves in any given situation.

This was back in the “days”, when your ability to earn was in effect, unlimited.
You were only as “good”, as what you could produce in sales that day. It was the
late 70’s and on into the early 80’s, when I participated in this “venture” of my
first real “employment”. I was making money, and having grown up in less than
desirable circumstances, I felt quite accomplished for someone my age. I started
at 19.

As an adult now, of course I have full coverage on my vehicle. When vehicles
are financed, full coverage is required. We have every type of insurance that’s
offered. When I rent vehicles, be it business related or because of vacations,
I never purchase CDW. It’s the first thing I made sure of when insurance for
my personal vehicle was purchased. Always know your insurance policy and what
it covers before you drive another vehicle. That’s your responsibility as a

It’s been many years since I stood behind the counter, greeting customers as they
arrived from there original destinations. I don’t regret what I did for a living,
nor do I feel shame for how I made my money. It was a time in my life when I
learned the most about the “real” world so to speak. After all these years, I’ve
since learned that the truth of reality then, is no different than the truth of
reality now. The only things that are different now, are the times in which we live.