Which is more Valuable Time or Money – Time

Whenever the question of time versus money arises, the answer is pretty straightforward: money is created in time; thus time is infinitely more valuable. And while money can be lost and later recovered, lost time is one of the few things in life that you can never get back.

Though money offers a certain sense of comfort and security for the moment you own it, the value of your money is the exact number on the bank statement, nothing more and nothing less. Its intrinsic value also fluctuates and depends on economic factors such as inflation, the exchange rate etc. For example, a million dollars was worth a lot more in 1900 than it is today.

On the other hand, time is universal and represents an amazing reservoir of potential achievement. An hour of your time today is equal to an hour of anyone else’s time tomorrow or yesterday, but the value derived from it depends on your individual skills and willpower. The value of your time can be as low or as high as you want it to be. So while 100$ is simply 100$, a year in your life can mean you’re raking up debt, earning absolutely nothing or accruing an impressive fortune. Therefore, time can be viewed as an opportunity for growth and prosperity. Its value can be gradually upgraded by becoming better and faster at what you do, or by taking up activities that are more profitable.

Money can be seen as a commodity that circulates throughout the world, from your hands to those of others and vice versa, in an intricate succession of give and take. By getting into the flow of money and learning how to direct it to your pocket, you can become wealthier. The opposite can also occur, but the process is reversible and strongly depends on your money managing skills and money making abilities. However, time is a linear, irreversible way to an inevitable end. You can make the best of the time you have and maximize its value based on your personal circumstances, but you can never stop it from flowing. You only have 24 hours during a day and it’s your duty to make the best of them; any time you waste is gone forever and there is no way you can ever get it back.

While you can use time to create value in many forms, including that of money, you can’t buy more time using the money you earn.  This makes time an invaluable resource that everyone is assigned, but few know how to use to its full potential.