Which is the better Investment Bmw or Bachelors Degree – Degree

In a world of materialistic wants and the impulse to have whatever we want when we want it, we are beginning to loose sight of what is really important in life. Of course when you look at dollars and cents, perhaps a new flashy car is the way to go. However, how can you put a price on the experiences and lessons that you will learn while studying something you love.

Unfortunately in this world we really do compare dollars and cents. But how much more important is it to look at the ability to grow and become a much richer human being. What can you contribute to society by expanding your mind and investing in a future that is much bigger then what you have now. What you will learn from your education and the years that you put into it are lessons that you can take with you into the world. Lessons in perseverance, dedication, and the value of hard work are just some of the things that you will learn through your education. There is no telling how you can influence the world by broadening your perspectives and learning things that will allow you to do this. We must learn how to work hard for what we want, for that BMW as it would seem. While it might be nice at first to have that car right away, you will value and enjoy that car so much more if you have invested in yourself first and worked hard to get that toy.

When I am comparing these two investments directly I also think it is important to think about what kind of degree you are getting at the end of the approximately four years you invest. If you want to think about the money you will make afterward, perhaps we would think about investing in a degree in engineering or architecture or medicine, or something else that has an excellent chance of employment and high pay. By investing in a degree that will really take you places, you are ensuring the chance of being able to buy that BMW later (or maybe even two).

What we must realize is that it is not about what we own, but who we are are the lessons that we have learned along the way in life. It is about the people that we have met, the friendships that we have made and the places that we have been. In the end it is not about what we own, the car we drove, or the house that we lived in, what we will be remembered for is what we contributed to society and the differences we have made in the lives of others.