Who do you Trust more Bernanke or Greenspan

The decisions of Bernanke or Greenspan have a great influence on the stock markets. Greenspan was a great economist and Chairman of the Federal Reserve for almost twenty years. His experience is important for many investors but everyone need to consider that the stock market is a place where shares are sold and bought and a little word of an important man like Bernanke or Greenspan can cause some doubts to hold his shares and to sell them.

In fact you need to consider that nobody knows the truth about the evolution of the shares. It is not because Greenspan or Bernanke said that the economy will grow or grow not so fast anymore that they are right about the evolution of the value of the shares. No one knows when you best buy or when you best sell. If they should know it they were the richest persons of the world.

Greenspan took many good decisions for the economy during his term but in my opinion also some bad ones. If the economy was growing too fast he increased almost every month the interest rate on the short term and many times with 0,50%. It was necessary but he stopped often too late with increasing the interest rate and the consequence was that there a recession followed; something that he could avoid.

Bernanke seems to be better; he decided on time to stop with increasing the interest rate and I think he took the right decision; probably a recession will not happen.
It is a little bit soon to say now who you can trust best but in my opinion Greenspan is now too old to take his words seriously at this moment. We saw the last years that he was wrong in many predictions he made. I think he need to consider that he better keep his opinions for himself and don’t tell it in public anymore.

Of course we see that that the word of Greenspan is also very important by many people but maybe some problems could be avoid if he let Bernanke do his work. There is a time of coming and going for everyone.
At the moment I trust more Bernanke; he is younger and from an other generation and he is in a better position to have a good view of the economy.