Who do you Trust more Bernanke or Greenspan

Right or wrong, ex-Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan has had enormous influence on the stock market. But he is now retired, and he should … with all due respect and for want of a better admonition … just shut the hell up.

Because he’s still America’s most respected stock market expert, we must presume he feels he should always pepper his utterances with more dire predictions than a Midwest tornado alley TV weatherman. Whether he realizes it or not, even as a retiree, Greenspan can still greatly affect the rise and fall of the Dow. Maybe someone should sit down with him and explain that even his offhand remarks can cause such storms as a 500-point tornado on Wall Street.

Now that he’s among the unemployed poor, Greenspan apparently feels he needs to earn money by going on the “rubber chicken” banquet and business conference rounds of speaking engagements. And to keep the audience awake, he also feels he must make newsworthy pronouncements every time there are some TV cameras nearby.

Actually, it isn’t likely he’ll be in a Salvation Army food line any time soon. Already a multi-millionaire, Greenspan gets at least $25,000 per dinner appearance, and is on boards and is a highly-paid consultant on many major business boards of directors. Also, his wife, famed TV news analyst Andrea Micthell, earns a few million bucks a year to help pay for the groceries.

So, Alan, in the future of your golden years, please don’t say anything to cause the guys on Wall Street to panic. At least, first call me so I can get rid of some of my more volatile stocks before the panic begins.