Who is Responbile for Childrens Crime – Yes

From my point of view, I think that parents are responsible for crimes their children commit. It is the right and the responsibility of parents to teach them manners and to improve their behaviors while they are living in a society. The parents are the supporter and carer of the children and the parent’s reaction are more important to the children.

Parents are the main teacher of children. If parents hold on control on their children and they look after them both inside and outside the home, then children can be under control of parents. Whatsoever the parents do, children learn the same and that can be anything. Children’s heart is like a white piece of paper; if you write anything on it, they will absorb that and will follow that. Now, if parents teach good things to their children, they will follow that way but on an only condition when parents follow the same way too.

Children are the most sensitive creatures who can be influenced upon at any time by anything. At first when children commit crime then they get active and make the habit. So to take this building habit, parents should do some certain things which can make the children to avoid another mistake probably in a good manner.

In the first step of children’s life, parents are the only support in their lives and no one can take that place. Parents should provide all the necessary things for children and spend more time with them. In this way, the love between children and parents grow more and children can get confident to talk about each of their possible problems that they have.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the parents should always support the children and look after each of their actions.  In this way, the children won’t step into crimes. We all should try to keep the children in our control if we want a better society with better trained children.

[It was a short topic on the children who commits crime for some reason. And the reason are the parents who nourish them from childhood and are responsible for their each action. Parents must understand their children if they want a better society with a better future generation.]