Who needs Liability Insurance

Today, we live in a very litigious society where lawsuits arise from the smallest of things. A broken arm in the office, obesity from eating junk food, a doctor handing out the wrong medicine, or a silly bar fight involving the bouncer. Liability insurance is one of those types of insurance that does not payout funds to the insured. It’s in place so that if the insured is found liable, the insurance can make a pay out to a third party without the insured having to worry about laying out their own money. Not everyone requires liability insurance; however, many should consider it.

The three common types of liability insurance are public liability, employer liability and product liability are what businesses should consider taking out. Of course, some businesses will be deemed a higher risk and will probably need to pay a higher premium to get the insurance that they want.

Businesses need liability insurance to protect themselves in case of any intentional or accidental damage done to their customers on their property. They are protecting themselves from having to make any large pay outs from any lawsuits that may arise from malpractice or damage. Places like bars, casinos, shopping centres, doctors and dentists should take out liability insurance as there is a higher chance that they will need it.

Manufactures of products also require liability insurance. They are responsible for creating a product for the customer. If the product is faulty and causes harm to the user or wearer they are liable to pay damages.

Employers are the third group of people who need to seriously consider taking out liability insurance. If a worker has an accident in the workplace, the employer is responsible and will need to cover any costs. If they have liability insurance, then the insurance company will cover any costs that may arise.

Pet owners- if they have more exotic or vicious type of pets at home- should consider taking out liability insurance for their pet. If their pet is high risk and could very likely hurt a guest or postman, or someone in the park when they are going for their morning or afternoon walk, the owner could seriously benefit from liability insurance for their pet.

Liability insurance protects the business or individual’s assets in case damage is done. A large business that hasn’t got this insurance or a person with many assets, runs the risk of losing everything if they are ever taken to court due to damage done, regardless of whether it’s intentional or accidental. When considering liability insurance, businesses and individuals need to consider their risk level, where they live or operate, and how much they think their liability insurance will need to cover them for.