Who should have Homeowners Flood Insurance

In the United Kingdom floods are becoming more and more common. This might be because our winters are becoming wetter, or it might be because of bad environmental management. Whatever the cause, more and more homes get flooded each year.

Why should a home owner bother with flood insurance?

One reason might be because the home owner lives in a high risk area or they have been flooded before. One should not underestimate the power of flood water and the extent of damage that might be caused by flooding.

In some instances flood water can completely immerse the downstairs floor right up to the ceiling. What does this mean in regards to damage? Well, it means virtually total devastation to your home. The carpets will be soaked. Wooden furniture like tables and chairs may warp with the damp. All your electrical equipment will be ruined for good. This may be the television, satellite boxes, DVD players, and many other things that we keep in the home.

The damage doesn’t stop here as the paintwork and wallpaper will very likely be ruined as well. The house will also need to be dried out after a flood and after the house is dry the owner may find things like doors have warped and no longer fit properly. All soft furnishings like bedding, curtains and cushions will need to be replaced.

If you think that much of the above can be taken outside and dried. Do take into account flood water is most unlikely to be clean. It is most likely to be very muddy and perhaps involve sewerage. Almost everything that flood water comes into contact with will be ruined, and it is possible one will not save many belongings exposed to the flooding.

It is hoped you’ll see from the above how devastating floods can be. Even if the flood water is only inches high, one might be surprised at the level of damage in the home that may be incurred.

It is highly recommended that if you reside in an area which has been known to flood that you make sure your flood insurance is up to date. Flood insurance is expensive but well worthwhile. Flood insurance may for a part of your normal bricks and mortar insurance. One should check the details of any insurance held to ensure flood water is covered.

Sadly, in some areas that have repeated flooded, insurance may be hard to find.