Why Convert your Ira to Silver or Add Silver to your Ira

 One way to protect your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) against devaluation over time is to convert it partially or as a whole into a precious metal account. A silver IRA is one of the best things to happen to any retirement plan in recent years. By being able to convert one’s retirement nest egg into a precious metal, there is definitely more security for the investment that takes a lifetime to build; so here’s to a silver retirement. However, gold pundits are prone to ask the next question.   

Silver IRA: Why It’s Better than Gold   

Why go for a silver IRA when one can go gold is definitely a logical question. It’s like an Olympic athlete asking why go for silver when one can aim for gold. That Michael Phelps’ question about turning IRA to silver is certainly worth considering once and for all. The answer is much simpler than it seems.    

Silver Linings Over the Horizon

Investing, after all, is not only about managing risks. It is also about worry management. Worry can add extra wrinkles to one’s forehead and as far as skin management goes, this is a huge no-no. Admit it, one’s face is like a silver IRA account,  the individual should be able to take it to the bank.   

More so for individuals who are planning to bring down the employment curtain with a bang, that is,  with a facelift to mark the end of a battle-scarred career or a rhinoplasty at the very least. Truly in investing, it’s worth it to consider everything, and that includes the assets of one’s other half.    

Definitely, a silver retirement, times two, would be the  investment event  of a lifetime. While it is a well-known fact that to buy silver bullion is akin to playing second fiddle with gold, there are very good reasons to not follow the Olympic path. Until the time comes when diamond becomes an option, a silver-lined IRA transfer is a smart move.    

The Silver Track Record

The silver track  record has been nothing short of phenomenal. The precious metal, by all indications, is likely to be in demand for years to come. Converting IRA to silver is a lot easier than to buy silver bullion. One perfect example is Regal Assets,  which offers a lot of flexibility while providing unmatched security.    

Just one of these is the ability to convert a 401k into a silver IRA account. Other similar investments with the silver-lining worth looking into are American Silver Eagle and its proof counterpart. Others are Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and the Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins. One can even add silver bars to a silver IRA or 401k account. Surely, the ability to mix-and-match will only be limited by one’s imagination.    

 A Silver-Clad Solution to Crisis Investing

Still, it’s important not to lose sight of one’s objectives. For one, investing in the stock market is high-risk. Considering the volatile times, retirement planners would want more security for their investments. An IRA transfer to  a precious metal account such as silver, directly addresses this need.    

When comparing investment portfolios, it’s always important to be able to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. Accordingly, as far as silver portfolios are concerned, these have done exceedingly well. Take it from Jim Roberts who is widely regarded as one of the best investors of all time.    

Warren Buffet on Precious Metals Investing

Roberts is absolutely convinced that silver is a much better investment than gold and his own experience proves  it. At Commodity HQ, he goes head to head with Warren Buffet. Check for oneself how these silver funds are doing: iShare Silver Trust, Silver Miners ETF, and Silver Wheaton. The records will reveal that when compared to gold investments, silver teams tend to play small but because they keep winning, they tend to perform consistently better as a single group.    

There is no question that gold is 12 to 15 times more valuable than silver as a commodity. However, it becomes more expensive to buy  from the point of view of an investor because everyone is focusing on it, including Buffet himself. The even better news for retirees is that in converting either their IRA or 401k to silver, they are actually getting silver pound for pound.    

It isn’t one of those deals that are in paper only, and for someone who has worked hard for his or her money all these years, it is only fair to get the weight of one’s investment in silver. While everyone hoots for gold, going for silver linings does have its advantages. With the federal government going ballistic for silver in the coming months, switching to silver is worth a try.